Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nokia N96 coming soon

Nokia has been in news for their revolutionary series called N series. Perhaps their phone from N series gave such tough competition that any mobile company before launching a new model would think a number of times how they could get the market attention. But now Nokia N96 the new legion of N series has come up with so many features and functionalities that it would give a great shock to all the mobile brands in the market out there. A reail iPhone killer its going to be the most revolutionary phone in today’s modern world.The Nokia N96 mobile phone takes the impressive N95 and makes it even smarter. It has the same clever two-way sliding mechanism as its predecessor, giving you the choice of a conventional keypad or music controls, but there are quite a few changes inside.

The 5 megapixel camera is now linked with the built-in GPS mapping, letting you 'geotag' your pictures with location data. You're able to capture video clips in DVD-like quality at 30 frames per second - and there's compatibility with a wide range of video playback formats including MPEG-4, Windows Media Video and Flash Video. The Nokia N96 even has a stand on the back for handsfree viewing. Music is also well catered for, with a massive 16GB of expandable storage, 3D stereo speakers and a standard 3.5mm headphone socket. With WiFi and 3G HSDPA connectivity rounding off the package, this is a true multimedia computer.

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Can you cook popcorn with a mobile phone?

I have just seen this video posted on YouTube. Have a quick look, I thought that I was quite an intelligent person. However after watching this video clip of cooking popcorn with your mobile phone it amazed me, and whats more its has surprised me how stupid I really am. I went out and bought some popcorn kernels and tried it myself. Did it work? Can you really cook popcorn with your mobile phone?

Don't be silly!!!!!!

When cooking popcorn in a microwave oven, energy excites the water inside popcorn kernels until it turns into highly pressurised gas, causing the kernels to pop. If mobile phones emitted that much energy, the water in the fingers of people holding them would heat up and "It would burn like crazy," So, what's really causing the kernels to ricochet off the table in the YouTube clip? Tricky video editing or even a heating element beneath the table, NO those idiots have dismantled a microwave oven.

If you want to cook your brains aswell as popcorn for the sake of a YouTube video, then dismantle a microwave oven, expose the microwave tube, extend the 3000V wires so that the microwave tube can be placed under a table as shown in the clip. Then simply pretend that your mobile has cooked the popcorn. Make sure you record it and place your video on you tube so that people like me think that you can cook popcorn with a mobile phone. I look forward to your comments.

LG Shine

The LG Shine is one of the most desirable phones i have ever owned, thanks to the gleaming metal and mirrored front. If you're looking for a phone with a touch of class, then this should be near the top of your list. I purchased this phone in May 2007 when it was first released in the UK, after owning a Motorola RAZR. Like the RAZR the phone didn't offer the latest cutting edge elements but as a fashion conscious mobile it quickly became a design icon and one to be seen with. LG has taken the design and evolution of its original handsets to the next stage with the aptly named LG Shine.
Unlike many phones that feel like toys made from cheap plastic, the Shine feels strong and well built. It's slightly heavier than most phones i have seen recently, but this only adds to the sensation that you've got a quality product in your hand. At only 14mm thick, it slips easily into a pocket.

The slider design features a large 2.2-inch screen that is mirrored when not in use - its a girl's new compact mirror for sure - and a 2 megapixel camera for shooting when out and about, although this isn't one of the main focuses of the phone. Directly beneath the large screen is a roller interface and two further buttons either side. The roller does exactly that - allows you to roll through the menus while pressing it activates or the further two buttons whatever icon you happen to be on.

18 months later my LG Shine is still in great order and looks as good as new. You can pick up some great deals on the LG Shine from some of the online retailers selected below.